“WHATEVER I’M GO” Taeyeon ran towards door and slammed the door with all her strength. Jaejoong just looked at the door and sighed, today they fight again. For a while Jaejoong sat in his couch as he take his jacket and ran to meet Taeyeon. Jaejoong tried to call her but she still rejected his call. Jaejoong come to her house but she is not there. Jaejoong tried to call Taeyeon friends.

                “Hello…” person in other side greeted Jaejoong.

                “Oh Sunny, what is Taeyeon with you now?” Jaejoong hope Sunny can give clue where is Taeyeon right now.

                “Oh oppa, Taeyeon with us right now in our base camp” Sunny bit whispered to him, he can know Taeyeon nearer with her now.

                “Sunny can you hold her for awhile until arrived in there” Jaejoong said as he hung up his phone.

                “Tae…, common tomorrow your wedding how can you like this?” Sooyoung tried to stop Taeyeon when she wanna drink soju in her glass.

                “Wedding…, huh wedding…” Taeyeon looked at her glass and smile in bitter look. Now she in intoxicated condition, actually she is not good in drink alcohol she just drink that if she is really sad and having a big problem.

                “Oh oppa!?!” Sunny and Sooyoung walked toward Jaejoong, Jaejoong smiled at them without said anything Sunny and Sooyoung leave Jaejoong and Taeyeon. Jaejoong walked towards Taeyeon ans sat in front of her as he looked at her who still looked at her glass in blank mind.

                “Tae…” Jaejoong called her name in low voice. Taeyeon drag up her head and looked at Jaejoong as she smiled at him.

                “Jae… Jaejoong it’s you… hehehe” Taeyeon said bit yelled. Even she in intoxicated condition she can’t hide how happy she meet with Jaejoong.

                “You know I’m already miss you” Taeyeon said again to Jaejoong her eyes kept in Jaejoong face she thing that’s just her imagination, Jaejoong looked at her without said anything.

“Jae… I’m afraid I think I wanna ran from our wedding” Taeyeon talked without think she just want tell all her feeling, she wanna said to him how stress her lately because of their wedding. Jaejoong looks shocked but he still quite and hear all she said.

“You know that’s nice in first think having you being my husband, having family and having child from you are good dream I’m ever think in my life but lately all getting dark one by one problems come even tough that not big problem we always ending that’s all with fight and you know yesterday I looked our wedding ring and now I know I’m really afraid about this wedding” Taeyeon looked at other direction to avoid Jaejoong eyes. Jaejoong looks sad, he don’t know to say what he know she really afraid because she never lied if she mad, sad, happy and unlike something she will said all her feeling. Jaejoong let her sleep after she said all, he just looked at Taeyeon face her face looks pale. He can see she not sleep well lately.

“What is this wedding really big matter for you?, don’t us  already date for 2years. What are you can’t bring me in your life?” Jaejoong whispered to sleep Taaeyeon. Jaejoong still looked at her in sad looks, he don’t know what to do he really love her that’s why he proposed to her because he can’t lost her but look her like this make him sick. He pulled her bangs so he can see all her face he always hope she always happy never sick Jaejoong smile at her he know for her he can do all. Jaejoong walked at her he carried her to couch and covered her body with his jacket he wrote some letter to her.

Exactly in 5 AM Taeyeon wake up even her head hurt she tried to sat she looked around none in that room.

“Oh yeah this is Sunny and Sooyoung room” Taeyeon talked to her self.  She closed her eyes again all reality hit her head again.

“Today the day” Taeyeon mumbled again to her self. When she get up from the couch Jaejoong jacket fell from her. Taeyeon stared to the jacket something suddenly make her froze when she looked at the jacket.

“Are you wake up?” Sunny looked at Taeyeon who still looked at Jacket.

“What is Jaejoong oppa come last night?” Taeyeon looked at Sunny in worried tone. Sunny don’t say anything she just looked at her and hand over one letter to her. Taeyeon looked at Sunny suddenly her knees become weak.

“What is this?” Taeyeon asked to Sunny but she just shook her head. Taeyeon opened the letter and start the letter.

Dear Taeyeon…

Are you wake up?, yeah off course  you can read this  you must already wake up right…

Are you still worried about the wedding?, now don’t think to hard about that don’t too stress , I will cancel our wedding. Are you schocked??? I can imagine you really shock right don’t worry I do this not because your confession I do this because I just can’t force you to marry me if you not ready yet. You know I know you really love me so don’t blame your self. Its hurt for me to look you sad. Don’t worry about all I will handle all ok.

And the ending I will wait you until you ready, ok.

That’s all I want to say, that’s all will ok

Taeyeon looked at Sunny in red eyes, now she can remember what she said last night. Her eyes become watery because her tears.

“Sunny, what I can do?” Taeyeon fall to the couch suddenly become worst around her.

“Tae..” Sunny walk towards her and hugged her.

“You know, he know what he do, He right with that’s all if you are not ready how can he forced you, because that’s not just about you or him but that’s about you and him” Sunny pulled Taeyeon from her hug and looked t her.

“Tae you know I know suddenly you feel afraid for all what about your life after you married but you know you must start to know what would be happen, I think this is also not easy for Jaejoong oppa I think he also feel worried as well” Sunny said to Taeyeon, Taeyeon suddenly feel hurt actually she bit egoist she just think her heart. She just feel worried what about her after the married she never think what Jaejoong feel about this all, she just think the bad thing of wedding she never thing the good thing of that. Taeyeon cry her tears fal one by one.

“You know you must start to know the ending” Sunny smiled to her, she hope Taeyeon can finished her problem and safe her love life. Sunny left her alone to make her think clearly about all. Taeyeon sat in couch for 10 minute to calm her self she tried to think all. After she think all she ran and took the jacket with her.

Taeyeon stood in Jaejoong office room. She know even this just 4 AM he would work in his office if he had problem.

Taeyeon entered the room in careful step she can see Jaejoong rest in his couch he closed his eyes. Taeyeon sat beside him and looked his face. Jaejoong can feel someone just looked at him he opened his eyes and looked at Taeyeon, he smiled at her he sat in his couch he pulled her to his lap.

“Why are you still in office? don’t today our wedding?” Taeyeon said, her eyes kept on Jaejoong eyes. Jaejoong sighed and hugged her waist.

“Tae this is can’t go if you still not ready and you know I will wait you until you ready” Jaejoong bit smile to her.

“Jae what if I said I wouldn’t ever ready?” Taeyeon joked at him.

“Um… I will found other girl?” Jaejoong teased her back.

“Because of that I will tied you with this wedding” Taeyeon hugged Jaejoong so tighly.

“Tae don’t forced if you not …” before Jaejoong finished his word Taeyeon kiss his lips.

“I know I wouldn’t ever know I’m ready or now but I just think I must start to know even I don’t know what would be happen in our life I just know I have you who always with me” Taeyeon hugged Jaejoong and put her head in his shoulder. Jaejoong hugged her waist and smiled.

“So we will married today?” Jaejoong asked to her.

“Don’t you cancel it?” Taeyeon stared at Jaejoong, Jaejoong smiled at her and hugged her waist tight than before.

“I can do anything to make you be my mine” Jaejoong smirked at her.

“Aaaa, you not canceled that right?, I know you wouldn’t do that yet you just wanna think right?” Taeyeon look suspicious at Jaejoong, Jaejoong pinch her nose, smile and said

“Of course” Taeyeon hugged him again, she know she can’t read the future but she just need Jaejoong.