This is really interesting


I sat in canteen room but it’s bit uncomfortable, yeah may be they notice I’m not student in this school. So what??? this is my business why they looked at me like that, when I wanted to go from my seat I bumped to someone and

“Ah Mianhae… “ I heard girl voice said sorry to me actually if I bumped to someone I will looked at that people bowed and gone.

“Ohhh, don’t worry I’m fine” I stood from my position and bow to her back I need to showed to her my responsible to.

“Are you new student in this collage?” she asked to me, and I shook my head while smile.

“Want joins with us?” she asked again to me.

“Mmmm, ok” I smiled again to her.

We walked to corner seat in this canteen, I can see a lot of people in that seat, she smiled to me and pulled my hand to her friends.

“Yah Sunny why you are so late?” some one from them asked to girl beside me.

“I’m sorry oh yeah this is my new friend, who is your name?” Sunny the girl who stood beside me asked to me.

“Me???, I m Eura I bowed to all them and them smiled to me.

“I will said their name one by one okay” Sunny started from the boy who sat in edge.

“Changmin, Junsu, Yoochun, Tiffani, Jesica, Yoona, Yuri, Yunho, Jaejoong, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung and Seohyun” she finished introducing her friend to me.

“Oh yeah you can sit beside Taeyeon” she pointed seat beside one of the thiny girl to me and I smiled to the thiny girl and she smile she hit the seat beside her.

“So, you said you aren’t new student In this collage, can you tell to us about you?” Sunny asked to me after I sit and I see all people in this seat make me center of their attention.

“I just wanted to spend my last holiday in this collage” I said with simple, actually I don’t know to tell what to them.

“Huh? Holiday?, It means you are not school in Korea right?” girl with name Yuri asked to me.

“Yeah, I school in USA” I nodded.

“Wah it’s cool I bet you can use English league” Junsu asked to me I nodded and he like amazed looked at me.

“So, can you tell me who are you all?” I asked back to them, I can see they bit shocked, may be they think I will still silent and will feel uncomfortable.

“Mmmm ok because we are 14 so we will said one by one fact about us from mmm Seohyun” Taeyeon said to me while smile,

I can guess Taeyeon is nice girl because she is really humble.

“We are the biggest gang in these college, our name gang is God and goddess” Seohyun said with proud.

 “ Don’t they really confident to make their name gang GODDES???, oh yeah I heard before from my father about this gang before he said all people in this gang children Chaebol in Korea”

“The girl in this gang is cheerleader and for boy they are models” Sooyoung show her screen phone to me and I can see their photo in her screen cell phone.

“Yeah, their face and body enough for criteria cheerleader and for boy their height and face really good looking it too enough for their modal become models”

“We aren’t really closed like all people always said” Hyoyeon said, her friend rolled their eyes to Hyoyeon rolled her eyes back like said

“What’s wrong don’t it’s the truth?”, and I thinks

“She is really the honest girl ever meet”

“Sunny girlfriend of Yoochun, Yuri and Yunho and I, I’m girlfriend of Jaejoong” Taeyeon said and now her hand hugged Jaejoong arm and I can see his sweet smiled to Taeyeon

“Yuri and Yunho really match they have aura sexiness from them, Yoochun and Sunny are complementary pairs and for Jaejoong and Taeyeon couple I think they are perfect couple because I always like if cold boy as Jaejoong having girlfriend like Taeyeon they are matched I can see his eye and his smiled said he really love her, because his eyes always keep an eye onwhatTaeyeon do and the special thing his smile really sweet to cold boy like him and his smile always he gives to Taeyeon and I bit Jealous to couple like Yuri & Yunho, Yoochun & Sunny and Jaejoong & Taeyeon”

“All people scared to talk with us” Jaejoong moved his eyes from Taeyeon to me.

“Of course they afraid it’s like they feel someone gives a diamond to them, it’s exactly not scared but worried if they can’t match with you guys”

I sigh for a while because I wanted to talk that.

“We are talented people” Yunho hit his chest while smile.

“He really wanted to announce they are really talented people to me”

“Sometime we bored to each other” Yuri making shocked statement but her friends nodded in unision.

“Of course you bored to each other, oh common if you just have 13 friends from a lot of people in this college it will be make people think your social life really a pity and if you go and do all just with your 13 friends it means you will always look their face”

“We have fanclub, their name angel” the girl with name Yoona smiled in proud.

“Oh yeah they God and Goddess and their fans angel and what about me???, Ouh yeah I’m ordinary people, I’m not really shocked if you have fans you are perfect”

I smiled back to Yoona.

“Me and Tiffani from California” barbie girl Jesica said in short word.

“Hey actually it’s not fact from your gang, but whatever it’s not my business anyway”

“Me and Jessica born in a same hospital” Tiffani hit Jessica shoulders.

“Waw It would determine the fate already from the beginning”

“But you were not born at the same time right?” I asked to her and she nod.

“Our personality is different from our appearance”

“Of course because you can’t judge book from the cover”

“Our hobby is making trouble for our faculty and our rectors” Junsu really proud.

“He really enjoyed when people having problem because of them, they don’t know how hard the person they are given problems to solve their problem”

I stared at Junsu and moved to Changmin.

“Our inspirationis the daughter of our rector”

“Huh why???” I asked to them.

“Yeah because I heard she is smart” Changmin said.

“She was brave, there are rumors saying she had against her principal in front of his student without any reason, sometimes I feel she is a rebel” Sunny really amazed with that fact.

“And the most surprising fact is that I hear he has beautiful daughter it’s really opposite from our rector because our rector short, bald and fat and If I saw him, he’s like a bear so I like him so much” Yunho imagine something.

“Oh yeah, how you can say something like that to your rector”

“Oh yeah Eura, can you tell us more about you?” Taeyeon hitting my shoulder but before I said something, someone stood beside our table and people in my table stared at him in shocked expression.

“Good afternoon sir” all of them stood and bowed to him.

“So Eura this is your new friends?” that people smiled to all of them but they stared at me now.

“Yes dad, they are really good friends they tell many secret to me” I smiled to them, I can see they totally shocked after know I’m daughter of their rector.

“Ooooh, but we need back to house now we need go to airport”

My dad said while smile to all his student and they smiled in awkward smile, I try to hold my laugh when their face changes to pale, after my dad walked go away, I turned to them and said.

“I’m not too smart, but I was brave when, I was fighting with my principal was not without reason that because he’s judge my friends without know the exact reason and I’m not so different from your rector because the short, bald and fat man you said before is my father”

I tried to explaining and cleared all in short sentence, I can see they really shocked before someone of them talk I said.

“Don’t worry I’m not kind the person who have negative thinking, and thanks want to be my friend in short time” I bowed I left them with smile in my face, actually I really happy meet with them friend although they may still be surprised and sorry to tell me the bad story about their rector in front of me.

“This is really interesting” I said to my self and walked to my dad with smile.



Love Whatever & Whenever…

0____0 - jaejoong taejae taeyeon - main story image

“Hyung want to join with us tomorrow?” Changmin looked at Jaejoong, who was read document in his hand.

“To where???” Jaejoong looked at his dongsaeng.

“To our reunion, don’t you remember?” Yoochun looked at Jaejoong, he looked back to all of his friends.

“Yah hyung I bet you must forget about that” Junsu hit Jaejoong hand it’s make Jaejoong glared at him.

“Yah hyung, don’t you think this is your chance to meet with her again?” Changmin can realized Jaejoong changes his expression.

“I don’t know what is your problem with her, but I think you need to meet with her and finished this” Yunho give advise to Jaejoong, all of them just nod.

“You know, you changes after you broke up with her, you became weird person, you don’t have expression and the important think you loss your sense being man, you never date in 6 years” Yoochun said, this time all his friends nod together. Jaejoong looked at his friends, he get up from his chair and leave Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin, who was looked at him with heat look.

Jaejoong arrived his apartement, he take off his jacket and lay in his bed he tried to sleep with closed his eyes. He must admit all of his friends said yet true. He lost everything after he broke with Taeyeon.

“I think I need to give up, I can’t handle this anymore and the best way we must broke up” with that words Taeyeon changes Jaejoong world.

Jaejoong open his eyes again, if he remember this words his heart in pain, he never know he will hurt by one girl because he is the one who likes to playing girl, he can changes girlfriend everyday.


“Oppa, be my boyfriend?” Taeyeon looked at Jaejoong with pure look.

“Don’t you know I have 3 girlfriends?” Jaejoong said.

“Yes I know, I just wanna be your girlfriend” Taeyeon said in her smile, Jaejoong look Taeyeon from head to foot, this is the first time the usual girl confess to him and because of that he want to play with that because he curious how the feel having girlfriend different with his other girlfriend, so he accept her.

From the first Jaejoong always never care about him, he choose be with his other girlfriends. But she never give up, she always try to make Jaejoong care about her. Someday Jaejoong fall of sick, he even can’t get up from his bed. From all his girlfriends just Taeyeon come to take care of him, after that one by one he broke with his girlfriends, he start to care about Taeyeon, and he start to loved her but Jaejoong never realized about that.

After that someday in Jaejoong birthday, Jaejoong celebrate his birthday with make party, he invite all his friends and his girlfriends except Taeyeon, Taeyeon even don’t know if he has party in his house, when she come to his house to give back his book, which is his leave in her house yesterday. Taeyeon looks shocked, but its not just her all the guess looked at her because she come to the party with usual appearance. Taeyeon looked one by one people in room and she can’t find Jaejoong, Changmin pointed at Jaejoong room to help Taeyeon, Taeyeon entered to Jaejoong room, suddenly Taeyeon become freeze, she looked at Jaejoong in blank expression. Jaejoong looked at Taeyeon in blank expression too.

“I think I need to give up, I can’t handle this anymore and the best way we must broke up” with low voice Taeyeon go from that room and after that she move none know to where she move.

From the first Jaejoong think he will ok, he date with many girls to forget Taeyeon but its useless because he cant do that then he realized he loved her, after he realized that he try to find Taeyeon but fail, so he gave up.



“Hyung I don’t believe you wanna join with us” Changmin gives drink to Jaejoong. Jaejoong just silent and look at his drink.

“I think Taeyeon wouldn’t appear because she is not alumnus our school, doesn’t she move in grade one?” Junsu said in innocence look, he doesn’t realize all his friends glared at him.

“I want to rest room” Jaejoong leave Yunho, Junsu, Yoochun and Changmin.

“Sunny I will wait you in our seat ok” the voice make Jaejoong stop his step, he looked at people who said that words. For a while atmosphere become strange, he and that people looked at each other. And without think again Jaejoong pull her hand to park behind the school.

After just them in the park Jaejoong kissed Taeyeon lips and to shock Jaejoong, Taeyeon respond his kiss for a long time they kiss, and after they broke their kiss Jaejoong glared at Taeyeon.

“Why you go away?” he said in cold tone, Taeyeon just looked at him.

“Why you leave me? Don’t you know how hurt me since you go?” his voice become weak.

“I go because I’m misunderstanding to my playboy boyfriend, I leave him because I think he never loved me, I know how hurt him after I go” Taeyeon answered all Jaejoong question.

“I want to explain about that night…” before Jaejoong finished his word Taeyeon kissed Jaejoong for a long time again and Jaejoong respond to her kiss.

“I don’t need your explain because I know all from Sunny from 2 years ago” Taeyeon looked at Jaejoong.

“Sunny???, Yoochun girlfriend???” Jaejoong try to clearly who is Sunny, Taeyeon meant before?

“Yeah, she is my sister, she said you never date other girl since I move and your personalities change, you became The Cold Jaejoong” Taeyeon try make joke to changes atmosphere between them. Jaejoong looked at her, next he hug her and said.

“Never go away again, never left me” Jaejoong wishpered to Taeyeon.

“Never make me misunderstand, you just can love me” Taeyeon said back Jaejoong looked at her.

“Kept love me no matter what happen” Jaejoong said.

“Still love me whenever” Taeyeon added.

“So wanna be my wife?” suddenly Jaejoong proposal to Taeyeon.

“Don’t you think to make us never go, never left each other and love each other no matter what happen and whenever just with married?” Jaejoong looked at Taeyeon.

And she nod her head and hug him so tight…

“Yeah don’t forget about us” Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu, Changmin said in unision.